Adding Merchandise to a Customer's Lease

Enter the product description and delivery information for the product(s) being leased.

Adding items to a customer lease application is a simple one-step process that comes after your customer has filled out an application and been approved for financing.

Table of Contents

Product Details Page

Here's what the Product Details page looks like:

Product Details Page-2

On this page you will need to enter a description of each product your customer is leasing, along with model information, item condition, and the pre-tax price. Here are some more details about each field:

  • Product Description: Enter the name of the product here so that it's clear to anyone reading this field exactly what the customer is leasing.
  • Model/Serial Number: Enter the model number or the serial number of the product being leased for identification purposes.
  • Item Condition: Indicate whether the product is being leased New or Used condition.
  • Price: Enter the pre-tax price of the product.

Note that there is one Product row available on the page when you land on it. However, if you are leasing more than one product, simply click the "Add Product" button below your first product and fill out the same fields for each additional product that your customer is leasing. 

NOTE: If you need to remove a product, you can always delete it via the "Remove Item" link on the bottom right of each product section.

Once your product(s) are entered, enter a value in the Delivery / Other Fees box if relevant, or leave it at $0.00 if there are no additional fees.

At this point you will see a Total at the bottom of the page that is the sum of the price of your customer's product(s) plus the Delivery / Other Fees, with tax not included. You will also see the Remaining approved amount in the bottom left of the page, so you know how much more your customer has available to spend.

TIP: Every Kafene approval comes with a built-in 10% bump. Remember that leeway with your grand total if your customer wants to add a little something to their purchase!

When you're ready to move forward, click the green Next Step button.

Next Steps

After you enter your customer's Product Details, it will be time to choose their payment terms. Learn all about Payment Terms in our article on the subject.