How to Fill Out an Application as a Merchant

Learn how to get started and what information is needed to complete a lease application.

A lease application is where a customer will begin their relationship with Kafene, so it is important to know what information is needed to accurately complete the application. The process only takes a few minutes and ends with an immediate decision for the customer.

Table of Contents

Customer Requirements

Before starting a new application, confirm that the customer satisfies the following leasing requirements:

  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. Have valid government-issued identification
  3. Income is greater than $800 per month
  4. Active bank checking account

Start a New Application

Go to the merchant dashboard and click the New Application button in the Start a New Application box at the top of the page.

Merchant Dashboard Overview

Fill Out the Application

Work with the customer to complete all fields within the application.

Customer Application 2.0-1

Store Information

  • Select a Store: Specific store where the application is being submitted
  • Select an Employee: Name of the employee submitting the application

Customer Information

  • First Name: Customer's first name
  • Last Name: Customer's last name
  • Email Address: Customer's primary email address
  • Phone Number: Customer's primary phone number, preferably mobile phone
  • Date of Birth: Customer's date of birth (customer must be 18 or over to get approved)
  • Social Security/ITIN Number: Customer's social security number or ITIN
  • Residential Address: Street Address, Apartment number, City, Zip Code, State
  • ID Type: Customer's government ID type
  • ID Number: ID number on customer's government ID
  • State: State where the customer's government ID was issued

Customer Income

  • Monthly Income (Pre-Tax): Customer's pre-tax monthly income amount
  • Income Frequency: Customer's current regular schedule for receiving income
  • Last Income Date: Date of customer's most recent receipt of income
  • Next Income Date: Expected date of customer's next receipt of income

Customer Bank Account Information

  • Routing Number: Customer’s bank account routing number
  • Account Number: Customer’s bank account number
  • Connect Bank: Customers can use their online login credentials to connect their bank account to Kafene rather than entering details manually

    Policy Acknowledgements

    The customer must read, then acknowledge and accept the first two policies by selecting the checkboxes before proceeding with the application. The third policy, although optional, is recommended.

    • Select the first checkbox after the customer has read and agreed to Kafene's Terms and Conditions, Online Privacy Policy, GLBA Privacy Notice, E-sign Disclosure and Consent, and Prohibited Conduct policy.
    • Select the second checkbox after the customer has read and agreed to allow Kafene to obtain reports about them from consumer reporting agencies. This will not negatively impact their credit score.
    • Select the third box after the customer has read and agreed to be contacted by Kafene by email or phone regarding the lease agreement.

    Submit the Application

    After the application has been completed, press the Submit Application button. An immediate response with a decision will be provided.

    Customer Application Agreements

    Application Decision Responses

    After an application is submitted, one of three responses will appear in a pop-up window. Details for each response are explained below:


    Application Approved

    If a customer’s application is approved, a pop-up window will appear on the application screen showing the customer’s approval amount. It will also show the program they are qualified for, which determines their potential lease payment terms. From here go to: Adding Merchandise to a Lease.


    Application Denied_Merchant Dasboard_border

    If a customer’s application is denied, the customer cannot lease merchandise at this time, but can re-apply again in 30 days. If you or the customer have any questions about the decision, Kafene’s Customer Service phone number is provided (as shown above). The customer will also receive an email with more information.

    Customer Action Required

    Application Decision Pending_Merchant Dasboard_border

    If a customer’s application cannot be immediately approved or denied, Kafene will contact
    the customer via SMS for more information to complete the application decision process.
    If the customer does not receive an SMS from Kafene, you or the customer may call Kafene
    for assistance.


    Next Steps

    For customers who have received an approval, the next step is to create an invoice by Adding Merchandise to a Lease.